By Colette Bennett | HLN

Marcus Bartlett drew picture of an antique Hoover vacuum

The company asked that people all over the world print out the art

Hoover: ‘This isn’t Hoover’s story. This is Marcus’ story.’

Hoover, the company known for its vacuums, is going out of its way to make one autistic boy feel very special.

It all started when Marcus Bartlett, a student at Missoula Sentinel High School in Montana, started drawing pictures of vacuums in his media arts class. The student has a long-standing love for the iconic household appliances.

His teacher, Kathy Howlett, thought his work was lovely and decided to send it to Hoover to see.

“And so I had Marcus write a little letter, and we sent Hoover four drawings,” she told HLN affiliate KRTV.

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